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Life is busy, spend it with your family and let us do the baking!  At Pat's we make homemade cookies, bread, sweet breads, muffins, cupcakes, cakes, brownies, and doughnuts! Come into Pat's or call and place a special order!  

Let us do the baking!

 To place an order, call Wendy Reed (989) 695-9821 Ext. 212



Delicious Home Baked Breads

Pat's Bakery bakes our breads fresh every day with a wide variety of flavors such as rye, sourdough, marble rye, honey wheat, cracked wheat, french, and many more!  Our breads are light, crisp, and delicious for any sandwich, sub, or as a bonus for any dinner plate.


Chocolate Lovers Brownies

Pat's makes and bakes brownies daily in our Bakery Department. The brownies come in chocolate frosted, frosted with walnuts, peanut butter frosting, white frosting, or other baker's selection brownies. These brownies will be perfect for any event and to satisfy any chocolate craving.

Crispy Cookies


We have a wide variety of cookies made right in the Pat's Food Center Bakery.  Why create a mess in your kitchen, let us make the mess and you have the treat! 



Tasty Fruit Pies

Try our delicious pies. We have blueberry, cherry, dutch apple, and many more flavors!



Delectable Donuts
Try our made fresh daily donuts!  Rather its an apple fritter, sour cream, chocolate, creme filled, or fruit filled donuts, we have all the flavors you crave!


Moist Muffins

Grab a Pat's baked fresh daily moist muffin for your morning commute. 


Character Cupcakes

We have lots of the kids favorite characters in cupcakes!  Forget the cake, cupcakes are the new party favorite.


Themed Giant Cookie 

Have a person who doesn't enjoy cake for their special occasion?  Try one of our Themed Giant Cookie. 


Sweet Cakes

Pick you flavor, pick your design and we will make the

cake for your next event! 

1/4 Sheet    
  Basic $17.99
  Deco $21.99
  Custom $23.99
1/2 Sheet    
  Basic $24.99
  Deco  $31.99
  Custom $35.99
Full Sheet    
  Basic $42.99
  Deco $48.99
  Custom $54.99